Collaborating Conflict Management

This style ensures that both sides involved in conflict agree with the solution that has been found. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘win/win’ conflict resolution strategy. This style needs an open discussion with all parties involved in which concerns are aired in a non-threatening way (Johansen 2016). The collaborating method aims at changing the relationship amongst the team members. This is achieved through a number of ways which include; Clarification of what the disagreement is all about which involves focusing on the source of the conflict. The main purpose of this step is to ensure that both agree on one thing ensuring that there are no divisions that existed before. (Johansen 2016). Secondly, the Establishment of a common objective for all parties involved. Under this stage of the process, the parties involved come into agreement on the desired outcome of the conflict. In order to reach this, discuss the expectations of each party and come up with commonality on both sides and use it as a starting point of the discussion.

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Thirdly, come up with the ways of meeting the common objective. This focuses on brainstorming, communicating and listening in unison. Involve both sides in coming up with ways of achieving the goal above. (Johansen 2016). In addition, identify barriers to the common objective. This step deals with the factors leading to the conflict and a discussion of the problems that may prevent a resolution. Finally, Acknowledgement of the agreed-upon solution and determination of the responsibilities both parties have in the resolution. In this step of the process, there is ownership of the responsibilities in the resolution of the conflicts by both parties in which each party expresses aloud on what they have agreed upon. (Johansen 2016)