Five of the best colleges and universities in Sweden

Five Of The Best Colleges And Universities In Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian country that is endowed with a rich history and culture and also epic landscapes. The architecture in the architecture in the urban areas is magnificent and the lakes and forests in the countryside are breathtaking. It is there for a tourism destination of choice for many people. It also has a very good education system that draws in students from all over the globe. Applying to study in Sweden is also a very simple process. One need to log in to the Swedish admissions website and fill out an application form. Proficiency in English is one of the key requirements. In order to give you a head start in your application process, here are ten of the best universities in Sweden:

  1. Karolinska Institute

This university has one of the best medical research institutes in the world. It is ranked as being one of the best universities to study medicine globally. Karolinska is situated in Stockholm. Initially, the university was established to train army surgeons in 1810. The institution offers a number of health sciences related undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Some of the courses offered include medicine, radiotherapy, nursing and occupational therapy among others. 

  1. Lund University

This is a public university which is situated in the city of Lund. It was established in 1668. It has one of the largest libraries in Sweden and more than 20 research centers. This university has a very long history. It was founded in 990. 

  1. Uppsala University

This is one of the oldest universities in Sweden It began as a theology institute. Now it has one of the most modern campuses in Uppsala. The university offers three disciplines, medicine and pharmacy, arts and social sciences. 

  1. Stockholm University

It was founded in 1878. It is in a very serene landscape in the middle of the National City Park. The university is in the middle of an extensive woodland with 800 species of flowering plants. Students can also enjoy the city life since the institution is a short metro ride from the city Centre. 

  1. University of Gothenburg

This is the second largest university in Sweden. It is also one of the oldest universities in Sweden. Gothenburg has 8 faculties and more than 35 departments. It has produced some of the most notable personalities in the world. A good example is Arvid Carlsson, a Nobel prize winner in medicine.