Practical Nursing Experience

Over the practical nursing experience, I have learned much. On the first day, I set my objective on aspects of critical thinking in nursing such as problem solving and creativity. Therefore, I approached a close examination of the physical conditions of patients and undertook this with an open mind. In the second week, my focus was centered on the physical examination of patients that entailed the use of observation, palpation, percussion, and auscultation. I learned that physical examination should be routinely undertaken by nurses and other caregivers. My experience took considerable focus on the third week that involved professionalism and care in the health facility. I achieved this through the identification of set nursing attributes, knowledge, competencies, and behaviors of effective nursing. In the fourth week, I approached practicing report-writing skills to collect information from the outgoing nurse in order to provide safe continuing care to my assign patient. I adequately utilized the acronyms bar to give accurate reports about the patients that I would also present to my supervisor.

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In week five I established and executed my learning skills such as patient care and safety in nursing functions. In this case, I selected a patient that had injuries and implemented my learning experiences. I delivered the expected results as per my supervisor. Communication skills are paramount in nursing. I fostered desirable communication strategies, thanks to the learning experiences from my professor and was able to foster desirable communication not only with patients but also among other nurses and other health care practitioners. I applied my ethics in nursing towards the provision of healthcare services. My objective was to conduct research on common practice and problems that I observed in the hospital. Some of these problems included poor communication, patient safety, the safety of patient information, and care among patients and nurses. I achieved this through a study on a patient that was suffering from minor injuries.