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Nordicwrite.se is a leading provider of custom Nordic economic thesis proposal help by expert writers who will impress your professor to endorse your thesis project. We are Swedish company offering custom writing support service. Since 2016, we use native Swedish speakers as writers who draft error-free proposals.


What Is an Economic Thesis Proposal ?

It is a detailed discussion of your thesis topic, an organized plan to collect and obtain data that helps to solve the problem. It also identifies appropriate methods of data analysis. You should complete and submit it to your thesis advisor in the first week of your thesis semester.

Economic Thesis Proposal Writing Requirements

Economic Thesis Proposal writing requirements ?

A thesis proposal should have 4-5 typed pages, a preliminary timetable, and bibliography. A good proposal includes:

  1. Concise and clear statements of the thesis statement. It is especially better if it is in the form of the hypothesis you intend to test or a question you plan to answer.
  2. Statement of the reason why the topic is worth pursuing
  3. Description of your plans to answer your question or test the hypothesis
  4. Two-part bibliography on consulted works and the ones you are planning to consult. It is not the final one as your research within the semester might inspire you to think about new theories, facts, and explanations.
  5. Preliminary timetable listing every chapter, its topic and you plan to finish your writing

When drafting your economics proposal, prepare it in the following order:

  • an outline before you starting your writing
  • tables and figures
  • Figure captions
  • Methods
  • Discussion of data
  • Interpretation of data
  • Introduction
  • Abstract
  • Bibliography

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Custom writing: Nordicwrite.se has economics experts who also double up as thesis writers. We will write a thesis proposal that suits the research you intend to perform, your methodology and the planned outcome. Your writing will also be in consideration of other writing requirements.

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Nordicwrite.se always assigns orders to professional writers. We will assign your work to a writer who has an economics background, holding an MA or Ph.D. degree and specializing in writing thesis proposals on subjects similar to yours. The writer will be someone who has been working with us for a while, and we are sure about the writing skills. Those who we assign the work of proposal writing are also proficient writers of thesis papers thus will write a piece that is relevant to your project and will efficiently guide your research and writing for the rest of the project. Our writers are native Swede who are excellent in communicating ideas in clear language without errors.


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