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Do you want to win the hearts of strict admission officers? Nordicwrite.se always helps students to write successful admission essays. We are the top Swedish nursing admission essay Company specializing in offering custom writing help since 2016. Our dedicated writing team is made up of Swedish native speaker with excellent mastery of the language.


What Is A Nursing Admission Essay?

A nursing admission is a short essay that students write when seeking for admission to a nursing school to show that they are suitable to join the institution. It is a standard requirement for most universities and colleges. A personal statement, statement of purpose (SoP) or an application essay are the other names that refer to it. An admission essay topic can have an open-ended or a very particular topic.

Nursing Admission Essay Writing Requirements

What are the Requirements in Nursing Admission Essay Writing ?

Write briefly to increase chances of admissions staff to read all your essay as they receive thousands of applications and reading through each is a tedious task. The minimum number is of words is usually 250 at most nursing schools.

Avoid information about your academic qualifications as it is also in your transcripts and certificates. Instead, concentrate on experiences that shape your desire to become a nurse as this is what distinguishes you from other applicants.

Other essential information to include in your admission essay is:

  • Things that arouse your interest to join nursing
  • Reasons for choosing a particular nursing program and that school
  • Any previous preparation to be a successful nurse
  • Best personal accomplishments and standout achievements. You can refer the reader to transcripts if they are academic
  • Any experience in medical care or related training for instance during voluntary work or internship
  • Character traits that suit your strengths and desires to be a nurse
  • Reasons for admission officers to accept your application
  • Ensure that the essay does not have punctuation, typographic or grammar errors. Divide it into an introduction, body and a conclusion with a statement that will keep reminding readers about it.

Why You Need Our Nordic Nursing Admission Essay Service

Knowledge of admission requirements: Nordicwrite.se has been writing numerous nursing admission essays for students applying to join various colleges and universities in the Nordic region. We know about the admission requirements in each of them and will create a piece that meets their needs.

Best information choice: Nordicwrite.se careful choose the information to include in an admission and use words that portray a clear picture of your past and possible future accomplishments that we know will impress the admission officers.

Strong essay topic: If the nursing you are applying to join gives you an opportunity to choose a topic, we find one that will impress members of the admission committee. Our experience enables us to determine the strongest theme to illustrate your suitability for admission.

Who writes your Nursing Admission Essay ?

Nordicwrite.se carefully chooses writers to hire and assign writing orders. They all possess superior admission essay writing skills and experience. Your writer will be someone who writes relevant and straightforward to read the essay in a style that gauges the reader. The writer will have the mastery to write in a formal language without using sophisticated words that hinder easy reading and still avoid being too colloquial. Each of our writers has an advanced degree in nursing and a native speaker of Swedish language who writes without making grammar or structural errors.


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We guarantee our customers about the highest level of writing. It is the reason we have assembled a team of highly qualified research writers from various background to write academic work in their respective areas of specialty..

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Nordicwrite.se services are available round the clock. We attend to inquiries and accept orders anytime. Our 24/7 service also enables us to deliver all orders on time as we do not postpone it to the next business day.

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Personalized writing: You will get a custom admission essay showing your strongest traits and providing admissions team with a sharp glimpse of your life. We only write a unique application with details that market you and avoid mundane details that bore admission staff..

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