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What is a Nursing Dissertation?

A nursing dissertation is a final year project for students to decide on their literature review and chose their method of undertaking a particular study. After the study, they write up findings and discuss outcomes.

Nursing Dissertation Writing Requirements

What are the Requirements in Nursing Dissertation Writing?

A dissertation should be informal language and in the right format. It should be in these sections:

Title: Briefly informs readers about the intent of study and content in the most significant words for the study.

Abstract: Briefly description of the entire paper informing readers about the study, problem statement, rationale for the study and methodology. It also tells about results and conclusions.

Problem statement: It is a clear statement describing the main study problem. It states the objectives, goals, significance of the survey and limitation of the research.

Methodology: Description of the research methods including literature sources, ways of collecting data and its analysis.

Literature review: Outlines existing theories and research on the dissertation topic. It also demonstrates any perceived gaps in the current knowledge, opposing perspectives and critical analysis of the key issues.

Results: Provides results of the study emphasizing on raw data rather than conclusions and interpretations.

Discussion: Sometimes called interpretations and results section. It discusses the results in wider contexts, application to nursing practice and gives recommendations. It also links the results of a study to theory.

References: A list of all materials you directly cite in your paper

Appendices: A supplementary list of cited materials to avoid surpassing the word count in other sections of the dissertation or distracting the reader.

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